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Custom Tool Case

Protect the equipment & enhance organization with hard case

Are you a tool manufacturer, or a professional looking to make tool organization and transportation easier? Chimi Case has the solutions for all your needs!

As an EVA case manufacturer with over a decade of experience, we’re good at designing and producing specially-fitted tool cases for your needs. The manufacturing of all cases takes place on our premises based on strict quality standards.

From concept to the case, we’re dedicated to offering you tool cases combining style, protection & ease of use. Contact today for a custom quote.

Custom Tool Case

Why EVA Case For Tools & Equipment?

EVA case is a better alternative to hard plastic & aluminum cases with all features combined in one.

Hard Shell

As a durable material, EVA can create hardshell cases that offer rugged protection for the valuable tool and equipment.

Effort-saving Carrying

For professionals like electricians, engineers & technicians, lightweight EVA cases make carrying of tools easier and less tiring.

Flexible Design

More flexible in molding & design, EVA is easier to create cases with custom interior and exterior for various tools & equipment.

Affordable Tooling

Want to start at a low cost? Then EVA case is the way to go with lower tooling cost and time as opposed to plastic and aluminum cases.

Explore Our Custom Case
For Various Tools & Equipment

iscover some of the EVA tool cases we made for our clients. No matter how simple or complex the device is, we can help you customize according to the exact specifications.

Massage Gun Case
Massage Gun Case
Electric Drill Case
Electric Drill Case
Pliers Set Eva Case
Pliers Set Eva Case
Electric Iron Case
Electric Iron Case
Avometer Eva Case
Avometer Eva Case
Battery Case
Battery Case

Can't Find The Tool Case For Your Business?

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

A B2B Tool Case Solution?
We Get All Tailored Needs Covered!

Need a tool case for your B2B business with every custom detail possible? Chimi Case will have all your needs covered!

We can accommodate everything including shell design, interior insert, accessories, and more to fit your tools. You can also enhance organization and control by incorporating tool part numbers, names, or instructions to your foam inserts.

To match your corporate branding, we also offer numerous ways to showcase your company logo on the case like printing and embossing.

Case Study

Custom Case For An Electrician Tool Set


Our client is the manufacturer of a toolset for heating coils. The company invited us to design a hard case as the package for its product. The case should make it easy for the electrician to identify, organize, and retrieve the tools during their repair. And it should be a hard case but lightweight case that the professional can take it anywhere conveniently.


We used EVA as the material of the shell, which is soft to touch, lightweight yet shockproof. The brand logo is thermoformed on the exterior of the shell and made visible on a rubber zipper, which creates a sleek yet stylish look that helps to improve the brand awareness. The interior of the case features a custom foam insert that is made according to the tools’ sizes and shapes. Empty holes are left so the electrician can retrieve the tools easily.

DIY Tool Case